Rock Band Community To Return After This Short Break

rock_band_reboot.jpgThe official Rock Band web site may have faded away, but it hasn't burnt out, as the Web team plans to relaunch the game's community feature set "soon." While the community to date has essentially been little more than a moderated message board, Harmonix and MTV Games have grand plans for the online community aspects of Rock Band. In a press release issued this fall, details on band pages, classifieds, leaderboards, blogs and a photo creator were revealed, ushering in a MySpace-like experience for rocking avatars.

While we can't be sure yet that the planned is scheduled to have every community aspect promised by the press release, we've included the feature set after the jump for a refresher. Pray for a speedy recovery so Harmonix and crew can have a proper home to place their barbs against Activision.

* Personal & Band Pages: will automatically load your in-game characters and game stats from an online database so your personal profile page will always be up to date. Choose from four genres in the game to customise your profile pages with cool background skins that reflect your rock tastes.

* Band Classifieds: Find and create your own band through the Band Classifieds page. Here you can advertise your own rocker skills or search through dozens of rocker profiles to choose band mates who share similar music tastes.

* Rock Band Leaderboards: Climb to the top of the charts as a solo artist or band! From band rankings to solo scores, the leaderboards will earn you fame and fortune as you progress on your journey to Rock Band stardom.

* Rocker Blogs: Find out what's happening behind the scenes with your favorite bands through their blogs. Use your blog to communicate with band mates about practice times, meet others with similar musical interests and keep your groupies in the loop with the website's unique blogs.

* Rock Band Forums: Interact with other rockers and music lovers about anything and everything rock!

* Photo Creator: (Coming Soon!) Take the ultimate promo band or solo shot with the website's Photo Creator. Pick a location, the right lighting, and a coordinated (or not!) pose for your band. Take it over the top cheesy or seriously intense. It's all about your band's total image.

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