Rock Band Drums Mod, Tested (Verdict: Good)

-6.jpegA few days ago, we posted a Rock Band drums mod promising to quiet the loud experience of actual drumming that sometimes gets in the way of Rock Band's (virtual) soundtrack. Apparently some people actually listen to our mindless rantings (as we try to perfect the legendary art of typing in tongues), because one of our readers tested the method and found it to work quite well:

I followed the tutorial you posted earlier, except I used coloured foam sheets (2 thin layers stacked), and black felt on top. Here are the results. I think it actually looks cooler this way. It doesn't make the drums silent, by any means, but the difference is very noticeable. It cost me $US 27 for everything, the bulk of which was the circle-cutter at $US 16. The pads peel off the drums very easily too, so there's no danger to your drum set.

I think we're sold. Time to make our way down to the old arts and crafts store and bust out our frequent shopper's card.


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