Rock Band Gets All Black Sabbathy

BlackSabbath005.jpgThis week, Rock Band gets Black Sabbath. Or wait...maybe it just gets Black Sabbathesque, since these recordings are covers only.

Content: Black Sabbath Pack 01 Price: 440 Points Availability: United States Dash Text: [ESRB: T (Teen) MILD LYRICS,MILD SUGGESTIVE THEMES]Build your Rock Band library by purchasing this game song track pack, which includes: "N.I.B.," "Sweet Leaf," and "War Pigs," which are covers of songs made famous by Black Sabbath.

Some of you may remember War Pigs from Guitar Hero II. I for one remember it as my trial by fire, playing a GH game for the first time at E3 06 on the Harmonix bus...on easy. That song's like 10 minutes long you know—or 3 hours in perceived torture—or a lifetime of subsequent shame. Rock Band Content (Black Sabbath) [majornelson][image]


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