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Did you notice the design tweak that hit the site today? I kinda like how the top looks now, though I miss our top story thumbnails that used to be up there. I'm told they may make there way back in the nightly round-up that shows the most popular and commented on stories. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Of course, in lieu of the thumbnails, you can just click on the top tag for those stories. I've also asked them to keep original and feature tags up there all the time as well, for easy reference. Oh, also they've officially named Denver as the secret location of Kotaku Tower. I guess we're going to have to fill the moat back up now.

I just realised, now just two days away from Funde Razor Hall of the Mountain Gods here in Denver, that despite the fact that I will be hosting a little Rock Band party, I haven't really played the game that much. The thing is I played the heck out of it in the week before I left for Australia, but haven't touched it since. In other words, I haven't played Rock Band in nearly a month and a half and I'm going to be playing it, at least once, up on a stage in front of a bunch of drunk strangers. SHIT! I better practice.

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