Rock Band Requires Too Many Live Accounts (But I Swear I Still Love You)

Rock-band-screen.jpgRock Band is a game that's so incredibly holy what I'm about to say is more than metaphorical blasphemy. And maybe it's my fault for not reading between the lines. In fact, I'm sure that it is. But how did I possibly miss that 4-player online Rock Band required 4 different Xbox LIVE Gold accounts? In other words, two people on one machine can't login online and play online unless each of those two people each have their own LIVE account. Given that games like Halo allow guests to play online (even if not in ranked matches), I was completely blindsided when Rock Band didn't allow the same thing. Could Microsoft's biggest account upsell of the next year be on a non-Microsoft Game Studios title? If other households are like mine, then maybe. But given the amount many Rock Band owners have probably already spent in DLC (and will continue to in the future), it'd be nice to catch a break somewhere.


    HA HA,

    Thats why the PS3 will win this generation.

    Flame suit ON.

    That just might be a major headwind on online play with buddies at one house :(


    Man PS3 fanboys are all so depressing.

    Fanboys = emos? The world may never know.

    At the article, that's just ridiculous. Well, you can always not play live?

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