Rock Band Sells OK For A Troubled, $170 Box

rockbandbox.jpgWhen the NPD numbers hit, Guitar Hero III was all over the place. Rock Band was not. Didn't even crack the top 10. Which meant we couldn't get an idea of exactly how many units it shifted, and were left to wonder "maybe not that many", since they were hard to find, the guitars didn't work and they cost $US 170. Well 1UP have got hold of the NPD numbers,'s not that bad! In fact, it did quite well considering the issues above. 296000 copies were sold on 360, while 68500 were moved on PS3, leaving a grand total of 364500 copies sold. That's not a scratch on Guitar Hero III's 3.18 million, of course, but Rock Band didn't launch on PS2 and Wii, either, which accounted for 2.18 million of GH's sales.
NPD Fallout: Rock Band Proves its Worth [1UP]


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