Rockstar Games' Lunchbox for Charity

brainbox.jpgPoor Rockstar Games, constantly vilified and in some sort of trouble. People seem to take endless pleasure in posting every bit bad news that surrounds them but we never get to hear about any of the good things they do, so it is my pleasure to bring you this bit of Rockstar charity. reports that Rockstar has entered a piece in the annual Lunchbox Auction to benefit the Food Bank For New York City and The Lunchbox Fund of South Africa. According to GA, Rockstar is the only game company to have donated to the auction that boasts lunchbox creations from celebrities including Joaquin Phoenix who's piece currently holds the highest bid at $US 3,500.00. The Rockstar piece is still going for a reasonable $US 180 with the auction closing on Dec. 21. Click through here to place your bid. It even comes with free replacement bulbs so how can you lose?


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