Rumour Smash: SOE Not Being Sold to Indian Company

logo_SOE_med.jpg When I am cruising the interwebs for news, I usually tend to breeze right by ridiculous headlines like India's Zapak set to buy Sony Online, but apparently things like this are taken very seriously by some.

Website Massively received an email from none other than Sony Online Entertainment CEO, John Smedley himself. The tip regarded a rumour that had begun circulating regarding SOE being purchased by Indian company, Zapak Digital. Reports of the rumor had gotten to Smedley via concerned emails from SOE employees and he immediately stepped forward to nip it in the bud.

This story is 100% false. We aren't for sale and never have been. Nothing like this has ever been discussed with the Zapak guys. The truth is we were talking to them about distribution rights to one of our games. And we have no idea how this story got started.

Frankly I'm a little surprised something this far fetched ended up on Reuters. Thank you, interwebs, for yet another completely blown out of proportion rumour.

John Smedley: Sony Online is not getting purchased by Zapak [Massively]


    zapak is already India’s largest gaming company. it wont be long before it acquires some international player and become the world’s largest gaming company.

    I am sorry but the track record for truthfulness lies with Zapak Digital and not with SOE and much less with its CEO, John Smedley. Smedley can deny the take over until next Christmas but the hundred of thousand that that he and his company have provided much less then stellar service with ongoing fraud of totaled revised games, poor maintenance and very poor customer service speaks for its self. It is the hope of many that this rumor is true and I who has history with SOE pray that it is as well.

    I'm afraid lack of a track record isn't a Track record...
    Zapak might be as bad, or even worse than SOE... though god knows they'd have to try hard.

    Here's a snippet though - Zapak's owned by ADAG also known as Reliance, a petroleum and something company, one of the biggest groups in the world.
    It's owned by one of richest men in the world.. So the buyout thing doesn't seem so farfetched after all.
    But $300M? I'm surprised Reuters carried this.. thats just crap.
    With all their assets SOE won't go for anything less than $3-5Billion, if not more.

    Well, good play by Zapak I'd say, they've got world-wide media coverage, every game blog out there is talking about them.. Brilliant.

    I suspect it's because they're about to launch they're own MMO , it would make sense.

    But another gaming company with practices even MORE dubious than SOE?

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