Sacred 2 Pushed 2 September

sacred2fallen.jpgAscaron's Diabloesque Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, once slated for a Q1 2008 release, has now been officially pushed back to September 2008. In a post on the game's official website, the company explains that the game is being delayed in order to make it the best damn Sacred 2: Fallen Angel it can possibly be.

An extension of the development process was necessary in order to ensure that we realize all the development plans and ship both PC and Xbox 360 versions with the best possible quality and stability.

In other words, it wasn't done yet. The post appeared on the site on Christmas day, which makes it a dubious sort of Christmas present for fans of the game or German symphonic fantasy metal.

Release Date Update [Ascaron]


    Yeah pity its not going onto the PS3. I'm looking for a online game. Is World of warcraft an online game? i might pick this one up.

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