Saint's Row 2 Gets Details

Asset.jpegA load of new details have just dropped on Saint's Row 2 over at Gameplayer. And the sequel's updates all sound promising. First and foremost, the game will be adding a full-story co-op multiplayer experience ala Crackdown. (Do we need to mention yet again just how awesome this industry trend of co-op multiplayer is?) In addition, a boatload (literally) of new vehicles will be available, including planes, helicopters, jet-skis and speedboats (hence the pun). And yes, concerned citizens, these planes can crash into buildings.

Building interiors will also be a new focus of the game, with over 130 throughout a city that's now 45% larger than SR1. Oh, and you can be a transsexual now, too. Hmmm...I wonder what I have to do for another invite to Volition...(not just because I'm extremely interested in transsexuals or something).

Saints Row 2: A first look at GTA's competition [via n4g]


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