Salami & Jarlsberg

To: Crecente From: Luke Re: The Littlest Rock Band

Harmonix working on a kid's game? The mind shudders.

Question: what do you guys eat on Christmas day? Me and some friends were trying to work it out the other day, because they're off to the northern hemisphere for the holidays. It's turkey, isn't it? That's what I thought it was. Know that in Australia, we don't really eat turkey for Christmas. When it's around 90-100 degrees outside, oven-baked meat does not sound appetising. No, at my house, we normally feast on...a selection of cold meats. Salami, ham, roast beef, devon, pepperoni. Oh, and you better believe it's accompanied by a selection of cheeses. I'm on a real Jarlsberg tip at the moment...

Here's what you missed while you weren't thinking about cold meats and exotic cheese: Please Reggie Don't Hurt 'Em. Sony Japan do what America and Europe couldn't, and release a free, english-language PSP Media Manager. Those free games EA offered for all the busted Rock Band guitars? They're not bad. Some Everquest 2 devs forgot their "rights" and "wrongs".


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