School Offering Game Time as Reward

math_instructions.gifSelly Oak School in Birmingham is trying a new technique to motivate students. The top 180 out of the 410 pupils receive "platinum award cards" that grant them special access to a game room featuring a Wii and other consoles. Plus, the top 20 students get to wear special uniforms (OK, this part actually has nothing to do with gaming, but we just wanted to mention that we totally don't care at all that they get to wear those stupid uniforms when we don't). And apparently the reward system works, since teachers are now spending half the time they used to on discipline.

So wait, these kids get to play Nintendo Wii in school? All I got for finishing my work quickly was first dibs on Carmen Sandiego and Oregon Trail. Actually, never mind. I didn't have it so bad after all. Brit's School Mantra [via opposablethumbs]


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