Sexy Undead Nurse Shooting Finally Comes To Mobile Phones

silent_hill_the_escape.jpgKonami of Japan has released Silent Hill: The Escape for mobile phones today on FOMA 904i and 905i hand sets, making fantasies of shooting faceless hordes of sexy nurse zombies with your phone a reality. Silent Hill: The Escape uses the phone's built-in camera to monitor a user's movements allowing for aiming and reloading of your character's gun. The game also supports 3D sound and vibration to emulate the series' radio static feature that lets a player know how close enemies are and from where they are approaching.

Given that the Silent Hill spin-off, which seems to share more with Silent Hill: The Arcade than anything else in the series, doesn't attempt to use a cell phone keypad for control gives it a much lower chance of sucking. Say, 98%. Not bad for a cell phone game!

Silent Hill: The Escape [Game Watch]


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