Shadowrun, MechWarrior Safely With FASA Founder

jordanweisman.jpgThose worried about the fate of Shadowrun, MechWarrior, and Crimson Skies following the closing of FASA Studios need not worry at all; the licenses for those properties have been securely in the hands of FASA, WizKids (HeroClix), and 42 Entertainment (ilovebees) founder Jordan Weisman. The announcement was made on the website of Weisman's latest venture, Smith & Tinker Inc. back in mid-October. The company's plans for the properties is still up in the air.

We're not quite ready to announce our plans for each property, but please be assured that our goal is to surprise and delight old fans, while welcoming new fans to these fantastic worlds.

Kotaku's own one-time guest editor Simon Carless of Gamasutra speculates that Jordan's fascination with transmedia and job postings on the website looking for people with Web 2.0 and online game expertise could point towards an MMO. A Shadowrun MMO? A MechWarrior MMO? Just typing the words gets me far more excited than I am allowed to reveal to you gentle, innocent readers.

Smith & Tinker's License Procurement Announcement [Smith & Tinker via Gamasutra]


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