Silent Hill 0 Gets Inevitable PS2 Port

sh0_ps2.jpgKonami may be looking to bring the Climax-developed prequel Silent Hill Origins to a wider audience next year with a PlayStation 2 port of the game. Released for the PSP worldwide this quarter, it now appears that Konami will have a PS2 version of the game ready for March of 2008. A fact sheet for the port was passed on to us this morning, courtesy of one of our tipsters, indicating that Climax would be responsible for the second release of the handheld horror title.

The official Climax site does mention that the group is working on a second unannounced project for Konami, but reps for the publisher have not yet responded to our request for confirmation that Silent Hill Origins for the PlayStation 2 is the unnamed title. If true, I certainly hope that Climax is giving the game a bit of a visual upgrade for those who passed on the on-the-go frightfest.


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