Silicon Chips Are Totally Ruining Game Development

chip.jpgThe rate games keep on advancing, I didn't think anything was holding them back. Turns out things are, though, holding games back. One of them is that consoles still use silicon chips, which according to some boffins from Glasgow University and the US Semiconductor Research Corporation have hit the wall.

A lot of computer games still feel very unrealistic and flat. What gamers want is to develop games that make you feel as though you are part of the synthesised world.

It is the silicon chips installed in games consoles which are holding this development back and so by increasing the power of chips a whole new generation of computer games can be launched.

Seems a new era of "super chips", which the researchers are currently working on, will be taking their place, and could be available to platform holders within 3 years. Onwards and upwards!
Super chips to boost computer games [Yorkshire Post, via Game|Life]


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