Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart

mc_hardware_121307.jpgNow that those pesky Americans have had their say with their video game buying habits, it's time to check in with the Japanese. Unsurprisingly, the Nintendo DS continues to top the charts overseas, as well, with the new Wii Fit player coming in second. Both units gave Nintendo a bigger slice of the pie this time. It was an up week for just about everyone, as strong sales of Hot Shots Golf Portable 2, Wii Fit and Tales of Innocence kept hardware moving. For the week of December 3rd through the 9th, Media Create sales charts stacked up like so.

  • Nintendo DS Lite - 168,255
  • Wii - 115,057
  • PSP - 91,481
  • PlayStation 3 - 38,123
  • PlayStation 2 - 11,987
  • Xbox 360 - 8,876

Media Create Weekly Sales


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