Sitting In My House

To: Crecente
From: Luke
Re: Colorado To Kansas

You can blog on the road? Please, tell me your secret. Every time I try to work/read/game while on the bus I get all queasy.

So I'm at my parent's house for the next couple of days while they're away. House-sitting, if you will. Kinda sucks to be away from all my consoles, what with Mario's final level lying unconquered, but it's got its upsides. It's the house I lived in from 0-19, so it's nice coming "home". It's also nice hangin' with the family dog, who I never remember how much I miss til I get here and see her freak out. Really, really makes me want to get a dog of my own. I'm thinking a Malamute, because it gets cold in Canberra. And I really love koosh balls.

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