Size Matters PS2 Looking Increasingly Legit

281859b.jpgNot so long ago we mentioned a rumor that Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters might come from the PSP to the PS2 after it had appeared on GameStop's website for $US 29.99 with a February 2008 ship date.

Now the plot thickens! While we've heard nothing official from Sony or Insomniac regarding the title, GameSpot has updated their page with box art. And even the ESRB has jumped on board by adding the title to their database.

While Size Matters may have induced my most heartbreaking gaming moment of 2007, it also gave me the best experience on the PSP this year. And the experience was complete enough to imagine it on a full-blown console.

I'm just curious—the PSP version of Size Matters used a larger Ratchet to make up for screen size. Will Insomniac tweak the perspective? The PS2's beefier processing power should certainly support a wider level view and a smaller protagonist, so I'm guessing that they will. As for the brilliant "size matters" pun, that part might not translate so well.

Gamestop [via siliconera]


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