Slimlining as Corporate Phenomenon

bluedslite.jpg This week's Escapist has an interesting little piece on the phenomenon of slimlining - something that Nintendo does with gleeful abandon, Sony has dabbled in, and Microsoft apparently doesn't see the need for. I've never really seen the need to upgrade to the slim versions even when they're offered - I do have one of the slim PS2s, since my original clunky PS2 was abandoned in Taipei, and I'd like a DS Lite, but the old one works fine .... In any case, it's an interesting look at the cycles of slimlining and what it may herald for the future of consoles and handhelds:

What future slimlining of our current-generation consoles will signify, only time will tell. But paying attention to the changing shape of a game system provides consumers with a wealth of body language and an inside glance at the intentions and deliberations of the big companies. Slimlining is corporate psychology laid out on the consumer couch, cryptically conveying a truth the company fears to speak out loud. So keep an eye peeled for warning signs before parting with your hard-earned cash.

It's a quick read, a trip down memory lane, and worth a look.

Slimlining [the Escapist]


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