Smoking Pot Gets Your Guitar Hero eBayed

gh3wii.jpgSome of you may have already heard about the Canadian teen who was caught smoking pot. His dad, upset over his son doing drugs, put the copy of Guitar Hero III for Wii—that was being saved as a Christmas present for the boy—on eBay. The auction mentioned:

While I doubt this will keep him from ever smoking pot again, I think it will make him think twice before doing illegal drugs on my property.

The game went for a whopping $US 9,100,01...which will inevitably lead to loads of problematic-youth-spawned gaming paraphernalia flooding the eBay markets. Lesson learned! Pot-smoking son punished with eBay auction [thestar]Thanks MrPants!


    It's alright I won the bid that little child is getting his fucking guitar back, how the hell is he meant to rock out without being off his head!

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