Soft Drink Companies Blame Videogames For Fat Kids

alfrules.jpgSan Francisco's mayor Gavin Newsom has had enough. Sick of seeing fat kids grow up to be fat adults, who inevitably put strains on the health care system, he's proposed charging stores a fee for selling soft drink that contains fattening high-fructose corn syrup. Any money raked in from the fee would be put towards funding anti-obesity programs in the city. But soda companies are having none of it, and instead are trying to shift the blame onto musicals and classical literature. OK, no, they're trying to shift the blame onto videogames, with Kevin Keane, the vice president of the American Beverage Association saying:

It makes no sense to single out any one single cause of obesity, which is a complex problem.

It does make sense for Keane, though, as he quickly follows this up by saying the mayor should really go after videogame companies, who he accuses of keeping kids indoors when they should "be outside burning calories". It would appear the reason they needed to be burning so many calories is lost on Mr. Keane.
San Francisco's mayor proposes fee on sales of sugary soft drinks [Herald Tribune]


    Alright everybody! Time for some action! Let's figure out what soft drink companies this guy is involved in, and then boycott beverages made by that brand.

    Let's see how much he likes isolated what is likely his largest market.

    On a side note, if I had to choose between video games and soft drink, I'd choose video games; as I'm sure most others would too.

    I would put the Internet and video games at the top of the list for causing child inactivity. Inactivity breeds obesity.

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