Sony Attempting Fewer PS3 Firmware Updates And In-Game XMB

002-001.11.jpgSony's Eric Lempel is the man behind your PS3 and PSP firmware updates. And anyone who owns a PS3 can tell you, that translates to a lot of work over the past year. So will Sony keep up their intense PS3 firmware update schedule?

We're trying to certainly cut down on the amount of times we do it. But on occasion when we've got these good features ready to go, let's give them out to the consumers. Let's get them out there. We definitely understand that it does happen frequently and that can be somewhat annoying to some users.

Honestly, I think these updates will prove more annoying to developers than to gamers. So what about in-game XMB?

We hear you. We hear everyone. Yeah. There's some challenges, but we definitely hear you.

That's all we needed to hear. (Though a drop date for the PS3's Blu-ray revision 1.1 spec would have been appreciated). PlayStation Firmware Interview — Sony Plans Faster Updates, And Maybe Fewer For 2008 [mtvmultiplayer]


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