Sony Giving Away Free PS3s With Bravias? [Update Redux]

Sony Giving Away Free PS3s With Bravias? [Update Redux]

bravia_tv.jpgAccording to a story up at Atomic, if you choose to buy one of Sony’s 1080p Bravia LCD TVs, it’ll throw a Playstation 3 into the deal – free.

At the moment, all the page says is “Coming soon – Bonus PLAYSTATION®3 promotion.”, but tipster Dave is confident that the promo will start tomorrow and run until January 28. So there’s plenty of time to take the company up on its offer.

We don’t have any additional details, but we’ll knock on Sony’s door and see if it’s willing to shed some light on the situation. However, I think it’ll take more than walking into your nearest electronics store and requesting the offer.

Coincidentally, the 21st is my birthday. If I only had the cash for a Bravia and didn’t already own a PS3. Oh well, I’ll just have to put up with that whole tiny text thing for a while longer.

And yes, this is an Australian deal by the looks of things. Nice to get one up over the States for once.

Update 1: Maybe you can just waltz into a store and snag the offer! Kotakuite eckymosis reports that their cousin bought a Bravia at JB Hi-Fi and was provided a special code that can be redeemed for a PS3.

Update 2: Correction, that should be “Dick Smith” not “JB Hi-Fi”. Plus, we have official info from Sony.

BRAVIA PS3 Promotion [via Atomic (thanks David!)]


  • I can kind of confirm that the deal is already in effect. My cousin just bought a Sony ‘X’ series 46inch LCD from JB and will be given a free PS3 “via redemption”. She’s sent the redemption code and is now awaiting the PS3. Pretty good incentive I reckon.

  • Heh, pretty damn convenient too since I’m purchasing an X series 40″ Bravia after Christmas 😀

    Already got a PS3 though… anyone want a cheap one? 🙂

  • Correction guys. I just spoke to my cousin and she had purchased the Sony LCD from “Dick Smith Powerhouse” and not JB as I stated in my previous post. But she definatly got the redemption code voucher for the PS3.

  • I’m sure this is happening – saw a double page ad in today’s Daily Telegraph promoting giving a PS3 away with a 50 inch Sony Bravia TV at Harvey Norman.

  • Well I paid 3,000 for newest X series 40″ bravia. RRP is 3,999 and I see it at most places for 3,500-3,600 so they really are not getting a free PS3 if they are paying more.

  • JTM – I’m pretty sure the redemption was for a 40GB PS3. As for the TV’s i’m not sure but i think its fair to asume any of Sony’s 1080p LCD’s but I’m not 100% sure

  • Hey guys, I work for a retailer, this is via redemption! Doesn’t cost the retailer a cent, so they can still give you a good deal and then you get the PS3 regardless of the price you bought a 1080p sony for!

    I believe that includes W, X and XBR Series!

    Check it out ^^

  • Just bought XBR series Sony Bravia, cost $3245 from JB. Could of got X series for $3k but wanted the aluminium finish.

    Got a form saying how to get the PS3, picking up the tv tomorow though so wont know how to get it till then.

    Whats this about receiving a code though?
    All the retailer gave me was a copy of the purchase receipt and instructions to go to a website, register the bravia and post off an order for the ps3.

  • FYI, just bought KDL 40 inch XBR with Aluminium finish and free Playstation for $2850 at JB Bondi Junction. Dont get ripped off. 🙂

  • Hey Jambo..I got quoted 2750 for the xbr 40 inch which I almost bought at harvey Norman cannington..thats after haggling with 3 other stores though to bring the price down. I ended up just get the x series though, IMO wasn’t worth paying the extra $$ for.. I paid $2500 for the x series 40 inch…still waiting for the playstation though..

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