Sony Hear You, Say They're Workin' Hard On In-Game XMB Support

xmb.jpgEvery time a new round of PS3 firmware shows up, more fingers are crossed for in-game XMB support than anything else. So every time a new round of PS3 firmware shows up and it's not included, folks get sad. Cheer up, kids! Sony know you want it, and they're working on it, PSN boss Eric Lempel telling Shacknews:

We are looking at a number of enhancements related to accessing some of the XMB features during gameplay, including messaging your friends. While there's no timeline to announce at this point, we've heard loud and clear from consumers that in-game XMB access is one of the most requested PS3 enhancements.

There, now doesn't that make you feel better?

Sony Acknowledges In-Game XMB Access as 'One of the Most Requested PS3 Enhancements' [Shacknews]


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