Sony Know You All Want A PSP Store On Your PSP

pspstore.jpgThere's nothing wrong with Sony's PSP Store. It's clean, it's simple, and aside from the hassle of using the PSP Downloader software and the fact your PSP has to be hardwired to your PC, it all works. Could be better, though. We could just connect wirelessly. Could be even still, and let us just connect to the store online and download games directly to our PSPs instead of through a PC. So is that something Sony are thinking about? Eric Lempel, Sony's PSN boss, speaking with MTV:

Clearly that's something we're thinking about. With the capability of the PSP it's something that should be possible, so it's definitely something we're thinking about. It's just a matter of priorities and some technology that we need to make it all work right and make sure the content is delivered securely, just to protect some of our [intellectual properties] . Yeah it's definitely something we're thinking about.

Get that messy PC out of the equation and let people download games wherever there's an internet connection and you'll get yourself one hearty round of applause, Sony.



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