Sony Passes On OXM Bravia Review

Sony Passes On OXM Bravia Review

braviahalo.jpgSony doesn’t want you using their line of Bravia televisions with your Xbox 360, or at least that’s the information I am gleaning from last Friday’s post over at the Official Xbox Magazine website in which Dan Amrich reveals Sony’s response to a request to review one of the televisions in an upcoming issue.

Here’s where it gets weird. Murph contacted Sony’s PR to request a set for review, and was told…no. It would appear that the console wars extend further than any of us realized, but that’s the reason given — we’re a Microsoft-focused (but not -owned, I should point out) publication, and they are a PlayStation-creating company (but not the same business division, I should point out), so…just no. “I have to support our friends over at our sister company,” said the representative.

Wait, what? Support them? How is selling their own product going to hinder the PlayStation 3? If anything, getting Bravias into the hands of consumers would make the PlayStation 3 that much more attractive of a purchase, wouldn’t it? Maybe one quality Sony product would convince consumers to give another quality Sony product a try? When pressed, Sony PR stood firm.

“Sony is going to pass on this opportunity.”

Which could very well be taken as, “We don’t want Xbox 360 owners buying our product.” My suggestion to OXM? Dan Amrich writes in the article that he recently purchased a Bravia for his home. Review that one. Be the better man. Surely Sony PR can’t object to a writer publishing his personal experience with a product they purchased with their own money, right?

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