Sony Selling 200K PS3s A Week In Europe (But May Miss Targets)

Sony Selling 200K PS3s A Week In Europe (But May Miss Targets)

howard_stringer_225.jpgSir Howard Stringer, Lord of Sony, revealed last night to Japanese press his intentions to connect the PlayStation 3 with the company’s other devices, including televisions, the PSP and mobile devices. Sure, Stringer hinted at such a plan in the past, but now he’s really taking the whole thing seriously. According to Bloomberg, analysts have expressed doubt about the integrated network, given that PS3 sales are, well, they’re not Wii sales.

Sony chief financial officer Nobuyuki Oneda said earlier this year that the company may miss its goal of selling 11 million PlayStation 3s by March of next year. If Howard Stringer’s sales figures are to be believed, however, there’s a better chance Sony might just make it. He told the press that European gamers are snapping up the PS3 at the rate of 200,000 per week. Similarly, he pegged sales in the U.S. at 200,000 following Thanksgiving, giving us a slightly better perspective than a handful of percentages provide.

You may remember the post-Black Friday chest pounding from Microsoft that boasted sales of 310,000 Xbox 360s in the week following Thanksgiving, a figure it claimed was double that of PS3 sales. Sony later refuted that number.

The NPD Group is expected to issue its monthly sales figures this week, so we’ll have a better idea how Sony’s holiday sales plans are shaping up. Then everything will be settled and we can put this petty issue behind us and focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Hot cocoa will be served.

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