Sony Wants India (India Looks At Sony As 'Just A Friend')

singstar-bollywood-ss.jpgIndia, like many countries that aren't known as massive gaming markets now, has the potential to expand massively in the next few years. And SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) is interested, planning to build multiple retail partnerships in India's top 20 cities. From SCE's Atindriya Bose:

The Indian gaming market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 78 per cent by 2010, and barely one per cent of the country's gaming potential has been tapped...However, we are still at a very nascent stage, even though there is a lot of potential for the industry.

It's tough to talk about the growth of video games in an area where they aren't a very large deal to begin with. But if we can be so forward as to offer Sony two words of encouragement: "SingStar Bollywood."

SCE to Increase Penetration in India
[via maxconsole]


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