Sony: We're Staying Out Of This Harmonix-Activision Thing

monkey_fight.jpgWhen word broke yesterday that a Rock Band patch that would have addressed Guitar Hero III controller compatibility on the PlayStation 3 was being blocked by Activision, internet tempers flared. Many of our readers expressed outrage, some of it directed at Sony. "Why should Activision get to dictate whether this patch comes out or not? Last I checked, they don't have any say - Sony does", wrote commenter Keeb13r. Others, like Rabidsquirrel and Kuraudo pointed to Sony's hands being tied. Constant presence Scazza even felt a bit sorry for the console manufacturer. No word on tears.

1UP reports that those pointing fingers at Sony won't get much in the way of results directing their ire in that direction. "This is a matter that needs to be resolved between Harmonix/MTV and Activision regarding Intellectual Property", an SCEA rep said to the site, but pointed out that coming to an "amicable resolution" would be in the best interests of PlayStation customers.

Sony Claims Neutrality Over Rock Band Patch [1UP]


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