Spector Only Has Three to Five Games Left In Him


Sounds like famed game developer Warren Spector is winding down. In a recent interview with Eurogamer he bemoaned the amount of energy it takes to make games these days and said he probably only has three to five left in him before he shuffles off this mortal coil.

"Game development requires an intense amount of energy," Spector, who is 52 years old, told Eurogamer in an interview published today. "It requires a level of focus and dedication and belief and confidence and time. What it means, in an ideal world, I may work on five more games in my entire life. More likely probably three given how long they take."

Spector went on to cast doubts on Deus Ex 3, saying that he hasn't yet spoken to Eidos Montreal about the game and that he's concerned about how it's going to turn out because it's a "delicate" game style.

Sounds like someone gets grumpy during the holidays.

Warren Spector may only work on three more games ever [Eurogamer]


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