Square Enix Creates Giant Headed Virtual World To Shill Stuff

virtual_world_225.jpgThe company responsible for billions of tons of Chocobo tchochkes is giving Square Enix Members another opportunity to be inundated with more Final Fantasy stuff. Squeenix's Virtual World launches in Japan next week, with the publisher revealing details on the members only service today. Replete with avatar creation, customisation, mini-games and Chocobos, Virtual World behaves kind of like a low-rent Second Life or Home. Instead of creepy furry sexual fantasies played out with terrible graphics, Virtual World inhabitants will have tea with giant yellow birds. Instead of looking at billboards for Sony games, Virtual World users will look at billboards for Square Enix games.

It's strictly for Windows users at this point and will likely remain that way for a long time. Virtual World will go into a public alpha testing next week, incorporate existing Square Enix Member avatars and feature prominent ads for Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon for the Wii.

Virtual World [Square Enix via NeoGAF]


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