Star Wars Plug and Play Kicks Our Teeth In

starwarsgameplugandplay.jpg Somewhat off topic: As far as days go, today has been pretty amazing. Mini-Bash came home from school and said (out of his own volition) that he wanted to watch Empire Strikes Back. When he finished that, he said he wanted to watch Star Wars. I told him that was the first one and that Return of the Jedi of the next one in the series. He still said he wanted to watch Star Wars instead. Perhaps he's watching them in order of quality?

Most plug and plays we don't really want to play or plug even. This, this is different. The Plug and Play Retro Gaming Millennium Falcon Joystick is packed with four Star Wars games: Lightsaber Dual, Assault on Hoth, Red Leader and Battle of Endor. Like all plug and plays, the games are housed in the controller. But what a controller! Truly spectacular. This is the standard from hence forth all plug and plays will be judged. Forever.

Star Wars Plug and Play [TFTS via Uber-Review via Geekologie via Alice]


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