Steal Code in China, Get Jail Time

zhengtu.jpg Chinese game companies have been going after law breakers pretty aggressively, at least when it comes to domestic problems - a former Giant Interactive employee who was accused of stealing code from Zhengtu, one of China's really popular MMOs, and reselling it for 130,000 RMB (a little more than $US 17,000), found himself on the losing end of a court case. A year and a half of jail and a 50,000 RMB fine was his punishment; two of the people he sold the code to (and who went on to resell the code) were sentenced to jail terms, as well:

WANG Yuchuan, a former employee of a network company, was yesterday sentenced to one and a half years in prison and fined 50,000 yuan ($US 6,757) for copyright infringement of a popular online game.

Wang stole the computer code of the game "Zhengtu" and sold the code to some buyers for 130,000 yuan. Two of his buyers, Wang Yan and Tang Shuai, sold the code again for 200,000 yuan later and were caught by police when trading. They were sentenced to one year and 10 months' jail respectively.

Steve at PlayNoEvil opines that "In general, this is good news. This is a clear case of protecting intellectual property in China." Too bad they only seem concerned with domestic issues - I suppose you have to start somewhere?

Worker jailed for stealing game [Shanghai Daily via PlayNoEvil]


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