Steam Adds Gifting

gift_example.jpgJust in time for Christmas, Steam is rolling out a new gifting feature on their gaming downloading service. To send a gift you just need to sign in to your account, select the game and then select it as a gift and indicate who it's for. The recipient will receive an email saying they've gotten the game and, if they're new to Steam, they'll get instructions on how to sign up.

Hit up the official Q& A for all of the lovely gift-giving details.

Steam Gifting [Steam]

Comments a 2nd cousin of mine lives in the states. Can i just get him to gift me CoD4, and this ill transfer $50US into his account? Sounds good to me..

    Or maybe there is some way I make a dummy steam account and make it THINK i live in the US, and then buy myself stuff.

    I'd be thinking though that region unavailable stuff, eg Rome:TW and Company of Heroes, would not work if you bought in from a US steam login and gifted it to an Aussie account...maybe its time to do some testing.

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