Stranglehold Collector's Edition (PS3) Is $US 40 On Amazon

51Q21PR9GGL._SS400_.jpgAmazon has a nice deal going on Strangehold Collector's Edition for PS3. It's just $US 40 if you order today (which is $US 30 off retail). Some of you may remember this as the version with a Blu-ray movie of John Woo's "Hard Boiled." And some of you may also remember that the movie was original region protected, but Midway gave and made the movie region free after fans complained.

So in other words, this deal may be decent for our UK friends as well (and even you Ash, to pick up while you're in the States). It's odd not to hear from Ash in his night notes, isn't it? Not that Luke "kangaroo boxer" Plunkett isn't great, but I for one am eagerly awaiting the tales of Mini-Bash experiencing Tex Mex cuisine, American Santa and buxom Texas ladies.

Amazon [via cheapassgamer]


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