Stringer: PS3 Games Infinitely More Fun, Exciting Than The Wii's

howard_stringer_225.jpgGive Howard Stringer a break. He's not only forced to eat the company's dog food and toe the company line, he's probably only handled a PlayStation controller a half-dozen times, and more than likely missed out on years of graphical and gameplay advances. That's whey he might be forgiven for outlandish claims, such as "The PlayStation 3 will come into its own because its [high-end games]are infinitely more fun, demanding and exciting" in comparison to what the Wii has to offer. He's a busy man! He doesn't have time to go beyond a demo of Uncharted or a look at Rayman's Raving Rabbids.

The Sony CEO may just be high on the sales win the PlayStation 3 had over the Wii in Japan last month. That and the fact that fewer people are slagging the hulking console seem to have gone to his head. Still, Sir Howard is probably just feeling a bit more confident now that more than 10,000 units are shifting a week in Japan. We just hope he and the rest of the executive team at Sony have something to continue to crow about when NPD sales data is released later today.

Playstation battles back against arch-rival [The Guardian]


    oh well when the big man points the finger and hes big and stupid & in power it seems he gets what he wants.

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