Stringer Says "Actual Innovation" Is Next

pullmyfingerplease.jpg Sony CEO Howard Stringer gave a press conference today in Tokyo. He said that the PS3 is on the rebound with strong Black Friday sales in the US and the console outselling the Wii in Japan. Now that Sony is on the upswing, String hinted at what's next: "The next cycle is actual innovation", Stringer said. Perhaps this quote was taken out of context, but what does that mean the last cycle was? Farting around? Still, we'd really like to see a full transcript (hasn't popped up online as of posting), because that's an odd thing to say!

Regarding that next cycle, Sony plans to expand the PlayStation Network, which is now used for downloading games and demos. Stringer did not give details or any word as to when this expansion will happen. Just know: It will. One day.

Stringer Presser [Mainichi]


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