Sun Microsystems Makes Learning About Micro-electronics "Fun"

sun_edugaming.jpgBecoming a new hire at the Sun Microsystems corporation may be thrilling, but that employee orientation is most likely a total drag. Enter the Shadow Specters! They're Sun Microsystem's attempt to make brushing up on company history fun and functional. It's a horrible mutation known as "edugaming." Sun and developer Enspire have created two separate learning tools, one a point and click adventure game—in the loosest sense—and an action platformer—with a not-so-subtle Mega Man X design influence—that do their best to inform while entertaining.

Unfortunately, I can't recommend either as Hot Flashes candidates, as, no offence to those involved, they're not exactly the best Flash-based games I've had the opportunity to play. However, it is at least noteworthy that an organisation of Sun's size sees these kinds of learning tools as worthwhile. Worth a look for the in-game music alone.

Play: Sun Learning Services [Sun]


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