Surfer Girl, I Wish I Could Quit You, 3D Games Edition

rc_anaglyph.gifSurfer Girl, the gaming world's most famous entirely unconfirmed tipster, has dropped a few more juicy rumors in her latest update—the biggest bombshells relating to 3D gaming, real 3D gaming.

She claims that Avatar, that's James Cameron movie game by Ubisoft Montreal, will feature images enhanced by theatre-quality 3D glasses. We're guessing it's shutter technology (not the red and blues above), and quite a few companies are still playing with it (I last saw a 3D TV by JVC at CES was kinda neat). She also adds that a "Japanese company" is making a similar 3D "incarnation of a legendary racing franchise."

If the rumors are true, Ubisoft is making a huge gamble. Video and video-enhancing eyewear has been around for a long time and never taken off. But that doesn't mean it's out for the count.

December twenty-sixth things.
[via gonintendo]


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