Surfer Girl Speaks Again: Blizzard MMO and EA's Karma

diablo2lod_004-large.jpgSurfer Girl—the rogue rumour writer who still hasn't really been proven reliable or full of crap—has put up another interesting post. First, if you read between the lines a bit, she claims that Diablo is the new Blizzard MMO.

What is this new Blizzard MMO? Demons, the Blizz don't do new IP.

OK, that's not exactly Earth-shattering speculation, but it's interesting possible confirmation of what many of us already suspect.

Next, she makes a pretty interesting counterpoint to those who call EA evil all the time.

What do you think of EA? Industry leader committed to quality, innovation and originality. No other company would have let Will Wright make Spore and definitely no one else would give Will tens of millions of dollars to develop a game about evolution with complete creative freedom. No one else would spend tens of millions on marketing on said title. Et cetera.

Well, at least we know she works for EA PR now. We kid. (But when we learn that she works for EA PR, make sure to remember that we mentioned it and totally weren't joking about it.)

Ask Surfer Girl Volume VII [surfergirl]


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