Survey + You = Win

Survey + You = Win

survey.jpgMaths is fun.

You know what’s even more fun? Completing our first survey ever in the history of everything. Well, I can’t vouch for the “everything” part – I’ve only been walking the Earth for 23 (glorious) years, and 15 of those were spent wearing a nappy.

Don’t ask.

The survey is packed with all sorts of questions, though they’re designed mainly to find out what you like about Kotaku Australia, and what you feel could be improved.

If you make it to the end of the questionnaire, you’ll go into the running for a $250 gift voucher. As we all know, spending money – like maths and surveys – is fun.

Five minutes of your time and a peek inside your noggin for a shot at $250? I reckon that’s an okay deal.

Kotaku AU survey


  • @Island101: I’m here for you. I’m always here…

    Moving on… I tried to be as informative with the survey for you Logan as I’m loving the privlege of having our own aussie version of Kotaku and am always happy to suggest changes.

    When will the winners of this survey be announced? Just curious…and greedy >:)

  • … and what was the point of that survey? It was pretty intrusive towards the end there. Am really hoping that I’m not going to be getting advertising targeted to my demographic now. ‘cos that would be fucking with your loyal readers, right?

  • @Camb3h: Heh. I believe the survey is running for about 5-7 days, so sometime next week I’d say.

    @Awai: The survey allows you to skip questions you’re not comfortable answering, and we’re certainly not forcing anyone to complete it. Trust me, when it comes to content, you guys come first.

  • Whoops, I realize I stuffed up one of the questions. I hadn’t noticed that they included the American comments on the Australian site now, as somehow is blocked at my college, yet isn’t D:

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