Swarovski Crystal Wii Owners Can't Complain Ever

tpwii2.JPGIf you are lucky enough to own not only a Wii but a one-of-a-kind Zelda Wii covered in 7,500 24-carat dipped Swarovski crystals, then no, you can't complain to us about much of anything. Sure, you may still have family or relationship problems—we know money can't buy happiness. But apparently money very much can buy objects that induce happiness by attracting new friends and new family to your prominence. But if the custom Wii is our of your price range, maybe you'll settle for the same designer's swank Mario DS: mario9.jpgAt $US 350, that DS is not such a bad price. And I'll admit it...I actually kind of like it. But only kind of.

Crystal Icing Mario DS [via GoNintendo - who has the Zelda pics]


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