Tales from the Road: Grimy Game Station Makes Me Cringe

mcdgamecube.jpg I never eat fast food. Well, maybe I should say I rarely eat fast food. Very, very rarely. But when you're on the road, it is often a necessity if you want to be somewhere on time. We wer about an hour outside of Vegas when my friend and I decided to stop for a quickee breakfast at the only place we had seen for miles which happened to be a McDonalds inside a truckstop cum casino called Terrible's.

Seeing as Vegas was kind of like Disneyland for gamblers I decided it would be a good idea to relive the days of my family trips to Disneyland. We always stopped for a breakfast at McDs on the way and I always got an Egg McMuffin so it was with much anticipated nostalgia that I entered this tiny fast food joint in the middle of nowhere.Upon entering I ordered my memory soaked breakfast and looked around to see a McDonalds branded Gamecube gaming station in the middle of the restaurant.

Now, once again I never eat fast food so for all I know this could be a staple of McDs everywhere, but this was the first I'd seen of it. It had four separate sides, each emblazoned with a different McDonalds character including my favourite unclassifiable purple blob, Grimace. I got a little closer hoping to see what kind of games they had and maybe even play a round of something. Unfortunately it was all turned off so I started taking photos of it for posterity. Looking through my lens at the controllers I saw a site that made me reconsider that McMuffin.

The controller was the filthiest thing I had ever seen. Now, bear in mind that I had been in a myriad of truck stop bathrooms in my journey across the country, but these controllers were the worst by far. Just looking at them made me go immediately wash my hands about six times. Back in the U-haul I prayed that they payed closer attention to cleaning the rest of the place than they did to that game station as I bit into my surprisingly tasty greasy breakfast.

So, word of warning for all you intrepid travelling gamers: if you decide it would be a good idea to play some games on a McDonald's game station, check that controller before you touch it or at least carry along a gallon jug of hand sanitiser and a box of wet wipes. You'll need them.



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