Team Fortress 2 Art Director's Next Vision

tf2samllll.jpgMoby Francke must feel incredibly powerful at the moment. As Valve's art director on Team Fortress 2, he can look over the industry and point fingers to suckitude with unquestioned justification...a Zeus-like authority. And when he talks about the next project he'd like to do, we genuflect with one ear to the sky:

The next thing I'd love to do is not based on realism, but stylizing with a little more in-depth look to the materials in the world. Instead of just having an impressionistic background, or having highly stylized characters. Making the characters a little bit more believable, even incorporating bold design, getting a little bit more specific.

So it would be a little bit slash realism and stylization all at once. And it can be achieved. We've done experiments like this, where you take a character and you make them — instead of taking photographs of the character, you base it off of lots of drawings and studies and paintings of the character, with real proportions. But with true design to it. You'll be amazed at what you can do.

No no no. We'll be amazed what you can do. We just sit around in the endless quest to discover a raunchy piece of human anatomy that rhymes with "Metroid."

Valve's Francke: Game Art Direction In Its 'Infancy' [gamasutra]


    Give us a female character!

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