Tempest Joins Sensible Soccer On XBLA This Wednesday

tempest_swos.jpgThis week's Xbox Live Arcade releases include the oft-discussed remake of Sensible World of Soccer from developer Kuju and the seemingly never-discussed update of Tempest. Sensible World of Soccer features standard classic and enhanced graphics modes plus online play for two players. Tempest comes to us courtesy of Stainless Games, developers of the recently released Asteroids for XBLA, as well as many other Atari remakes. (Say, these guys are doing a Warlords update for Live? Awesome!)

Both titles should hit early Wednesday morning. Tempest is 400 Microsoft Points, with SWOS ringing in at 800. I know what Luke Plunkett's buying this week!

Tempest & Sensible World of Soccer [Xbox.com]


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