That Survey Thing

peoplechat.jpg"I hear there's a survey up at Kotaku Australia."

"Really? Like, really?"

"It's true man, there's like, questions and stuff."

"And stuff? It's been ages since I've seen stuff in a survey!"

"I know, oh my God, it's so great. But there's-"


"There's something-"

"What? Don't keep me in suspense here!

"Oh my God, let me speak!"

"Like, sorry!"

"It's so totally alright. Anyway, as I was saying, there's like a $250 gift voucher to be won if you complete the survey."



"...God! Why are we sitting here talking, let's go get us some survey action!"

"I love action!"

"So do I! Oh, my, God!"

Kotaku AU survey link


    The never ending suvey? ;)

    @Brent: it does seem like it. How many responses have you guys received?

    I really liked doing the survey. Gives me this feeling that I'm actually contributing to something.

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