The Big Question

bombbombs.jpgSee, if you read the site regularly you'd probably know I only write posts on the hour and that since I'm in Australia, I don't usually wake up and starting writing "live" until 1 p.m. Denver time, or so.

For those of you finalists who figured it out, good for you. Now the first person to answer the question found on the jump in the comments for this post will win the $US 500 gift certificate.Question: What items from the 2007 Gift Guide of Obscene Nicety and Sublime Naughtyness would you spend your $US 500 if you won. Remember it has to be on our gift guide and equal $US 500. It also doesn't have to be just one item.


    The Ultimate gaming Chair $300
    Logitech Harmony 670 Universal Remote $150
    360 Quick Charge Kit $30
    Animal Crossing Mug X 2 $10

    One of the logitech harmony remotes. A gamers living room isn't complete without at least a dozen remotes, this will just be the handiest of them all and the first to be lost behind the lounge.

    The rest would have to go on a 60gb PS3 (we don't have the 80gb in Australia), because whats the point of being and old school gamer if you cant play your old school games?

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