The Boo Mario Cake Symbolises Death

marioboocake.jpgBack in high school I had this one English teacher who was obsessed with death, or so it seemed. Every story we read in class, she could find something that symbolised it. A broken coffee mug, a handful of balloons, a newborn baby - all symbolised death. I'd like to say that this Boo Mario cake symbolised triumph over death, but I'm afraid she'd find me on the internet and come to my apartment to chastise me. She was scary. This cake was actually submitted to me via, but I've not had too much time to work on that site lately, and it is due for a good spam-comment cleaning. Still, this cake had to be seen. Excellent job, despite a little sloppy tongue-work - but who hasn't been guilty of that?


    I love the last line. That's gold.

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