The Cake is Not a Lie, But it is Old

ps3cake.jpgTo: Flynn From: Crecente Re: In The Wake Of The Swollen Goat

Tonight we feasted on month-old Playstation 3 cake. You should have seen the look on my son and his friend's face when I told them, as them jammed frosting topped yellow cake past their teeth, that the cake was a month old and then laughed... heartily. Oh come one, it was frozen, like I would feed rotting cake to my son. The deal is that Sony sent the cake to my house while I was in Australia and the person watching our house signed for it and promptly placed the cake in the freezer. At least I hope it was promptly, I guess we'll find out late tonight.

I had this sudden idea Wednesday night, in the midst of the Funde Razor event, that I should have brought the cake with me. Then I could have handed over that gi-normous Companion Cube to the winner and tell him, and the audience, that not only is the cake not a lie, it's right here in my hands and features the image of a Playstation 3. Yep, that would have been grand.

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